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Improve the look and ride of your Chevy Silverado ZR2 and GMC AT4X 1500 trucks with a 4-inch suspension lift kit by BDS Suspension. Works with trucks equipped with Multimatic shocks only. Designed to improve stance, performance, and capability, this kit includes everything necessary to set your truck up right with clearance for up to 35-37″ tires.
This kit takes advantage of BDS’s tried and true high-clearance design for improved ground clearance, strength, and offroad protection while correcting suspension and steering geometry for great on-road handling characteristics. Up front, the kit utilizes top mounted strut spacers, high-arched 1/4-inch thick steel crossmembers along with a multipiece differential relocation brackets and heavy duty skid plates built for offroad protection. Steering geometry is corrected at the new taller ride height with CNC-machined ductile iron steering knuckles and replacement tie rod ends allowing for ESC system compatibility. These combined with the provided sway bar drops, bump stop extensions, brake line brackets, supplied hardware and more provide a comprehensive front suspension lift ready for whatever you throw at it.
In the rear BDS offers a heavy duty lift block to lift and level that stance. The lift block installs in place of the stock block and retains ride quality and load capacity. Also for the rear are new u-bolts and shock relocation brackets to retain the Multimatic shock system without error.
High Clearance Crossmembers
BDS maximizes ground clearance with their heavy duty 1/4-inch thick laser cut perfect fit crossmembers. Paired with a front skid plate system that bolts together to create a rigid subframe while adding extra protection.
Heavy Duty Steering Knuckles
BDS corrects steering geometry at the new taller ride height using a pair of high-strength, CNC machined ductile cast iron steering knuckle design to work with replacement tie rod ends to maintain steering angles for proper function and ESC compatibility.


  • Maintains factory Multimatic shock system
  • High clearance crossmember design maximizes ground clearance
  • Robust steering knuckles maintain ESC system compliance
  • High-strength replacement upper control arms provide durability and serviceability
  • HD skid plate system improved offroad protection
  • Multipoint differential relocation brackets to secure the front axle and improve CV angles
  • Factory Protection Plus drivetrain warranty included
  • (GMC) 35 x 12.5 with 20 x 9 and 6.25 in. Backspace
  • (Chevy) 37 x 12.5 with 20 x 9 and 6.25 in. Backspace


  • Requires frame bracket modification
  • Designed to fit ZR2 or AT4X trucks only equipped with MultiMatic shocks
  • Factory 17″ and 18″ wheels cannot be reinstalled due to tie rode interference, stock 20″ wheels can be reinstalled
  • All aftermarket wheels should be test fit prior to mounting the tire to ensure clearance to brake caliper
  • Some wheel profiles will not clear the brake caliper. This can be test fit before the vehicle is lifted while still in stock condition
  • Front skid plate will not work with 2.7L Turbo Engines
  • Will NOT fit models with a single leaf spring (monoleaf) rear suspension.


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