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For those who want a more lifted stance than what our popular 66-3020 2″ leveling kit or 69-3030 3″ SST lift kit, we now offer the 69-30350 3.5″/2″ premium SST Lift Kit. This system provides 3.5″ of adjustable front lift with new forged torsion keys specialized for this 3.5″ front lift. This new premium SST lift kit includes ReadyLIFT heavy-duty fabricated steel upper control arms with heavy-duty ball joints and maintenance-free TCT non-bonded pivot bushings along with heavy-duty tie rods featuring increased pivot angles over stock. Taller differential drop spacers and skid plate spacers are included, as well as new taller bump stops round out the front suspension. Our popular OE style cast iron 2″ tall rear lift blocks with new longer U-bolts provide the right rear lift for a strong stance. And to make it all ride and handle to match the truck’s lifted look, we include new front/rear Falcon 1.1 Monotube series shocks. The 69-30350 SST lift kit works with trucks equipped with either of the OE #84461807 or OE #84634344 factory torsion keys, and requires ReadyLIFT torsion key unloading tool 66-7822B (or similar) for installation.


  • SST lift specific Forged Torsion Keys with new F/R Falcon 1.1 Monotube series shocks, Xtreme-Duty fabricated steel upper control arms, heavy-duty tie rods, differential spacers, new longer bump stops, and longer hardware.
  • Can be used on trucks equipped with factory snow prep/plow packages.

What’s Included

  • Torsion Key Qty 2
  • Front Shock Spacer Qty 4
  • Extended Front Bump Stop Qty 4
  • Differential Spacers Qty 4
  • Heavy Duty Differential laser-cut washes Qty 4
  • Skid Plate Spacers QTY 4
  • Replacement Front Shock flange nuts Qty 4
  • Extended Differential mounting bolts Qty 4
  • Extended Skid Plate mounting bolts Qty 4
  • Heavy-duty Skid Plate washers Qty 4
  • Falcon 1.1 Monotube Shocks – Qty 4
  • Xtreme-Duty UCAs – Qty 2
  • Tie rod assemblies – Qty 2
  • 2″ Rear Block Qty 2
  • Extended U-bolt Qty 4
  • U-bolt flange nuts Qty 8


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