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Our top of the line mid-arm Game Changing Suspension System outperforms all others, featuring patented technology available nowhere else.

Features Include:

  • Duroflex™ Joints enhanced with Kevlar
  • True Dual Rate™ Coils
  • Durotrak equipped track bars
  • Height adjustable bump stops
  • Specifically tuned shocks for True Dual Rate Coils
  • Designed for maximum UP and DOWN travel

The MetalCloak Game Changing Duroflex™ Joints are the only vulcanized elastomer, self-centering joint enhanced with DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber – providing incredible durability with more misalignment in the control arms and better vibration dampening than anything else available. Exclusive to MetalCloak (see detailed info in the main body).

True Dual Rate™ Coils provides the most comfortable and stable ride over traditional single rate lift springs, and provide better load handling than the typical “progressive/multi-rate” coils. Our True Dual Rate coils are extra long in free-length to maintain contact for extreme articulation. MetalCloak has over a decade of proven dual-rate coil performance.

The front true dual rate coils come with MetalCloak’s Front Lower Coil Correction Pads. This polymer isolator replaces the OEM plastic part and corrects the coil bow that may be caused when using the worn parts. Fits in factory location and is a quick upgrade to fine tune your Jeep.

MetalCloak Thermoset Elastomer Upper Front Coil Isolator upgrade pads are designed to last and outperform factory parts. The pads are made specifically for MetalCloak True Dual Rate Coils and are model specific.

The Durotrak bushings reduce NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) that can be transferred to the driver and provides a smoother ride while also improving the vehicles steering input. The patented bushing is a 2-part design that can rotate 360 degrees in a vertical plane unhindered while minimizing horizontal forces to keep the Jeeps axle centered and you going in the right direction.

We offer a choice in shocks; run the shock set-up you choose to fit your build needs. If you have a different idea of what shocks will work best for you- go for it. MetalCloak suspensions ARE designed to optimally be used with the patented MetalCloak 6Pak™ Shocks for maximum up and down travel. Our RockSport Shocks (Exclusively at MetalCloak) provide the next longest travel you can get with the simplicity of a standard shock and share the same valving as 6Paks; this is a great option if looking for a no-maintenance option at a great price. The choice is yours to buy the suspension with or without shocks; we recommend our specifically tuned shocks but we leave the choice up to you.

Adjustable height front and rear bump stops are a MetalCloak first and allow you to adjust the travel to be tailored to the size of tire you have optioned for. Add more bump stop or remove to adjust to the clearance you need without having to remove the coils.

All MetalCloak suspension components, are designed for maximum up AND down travel while providing the best suspension geometry available to deliver the performance you demand.

MetalCloak “components” have been proven safe with the FMVSS certificate of safety configured with 37inch tires, full body armor and suspension lift.

Note: 6Pak Shocks are not shipped outside of North America. If you are outside of the USA or Canada and order 6Pak shocks or any kit with 6Pak shocks, you are waiving the rights to the lifetime customer service and manufacturers warranty.

Note: Due to the long-travel MetalCloak suspensions provide, factory drive shafts will contact OEM components and wear quickly when at the extremes of articulation. An aftermarket driveshaft will be needed.

Note: MetalCloak engineers have chosen shocks that have been proven to have the ideal synergy with our systems. We have not tested other shocks on the market as to whether they complement our Game-Changer system or suppress its performance.

Note: MetalCloak does not recommend powder coating your True Dual Rate Coils. See instructions for additional details.

Note: We Recommend You Have a Suspension Specialist Align Your Jeep Once a MetalCloak Suspension is Installed.

Note: This item is being offered as a complete system that contains all the components shown. We cannot customize, replace or remove a component from the kit. If you need a custom order, all components are available individually and our sales team is happy to help you place your order.

Note: If you purchase this system, and decide you do not need a component or part of the system, we cannot accept returns.

Note: The stock wheel backspacing will not work with the Diesel JL Wrangler

Note: RockSport Black Shocks are LARGE BODIED 2.5 diameter long-travel shocks. Specific brackets are provided for mounting, dependent on axle type i.e: (wide track axle) Rubicon/Max tow or (standard axle width) Sport Model. Correct wheel backspacing IS required.

Compatible vehicles

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